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It’s not just a tagline

Being strategic isn’t just a cool container for planning. It is a company-wide effort to deliver the most appropriate solution to your problem or growth opportunity. When we apply the Ignition72 Strategy First™ process, we gain a deep understanding of you and your organization so we can seamlessly become a part of your organization. We bring the entire team at Ignition72 to the table on your behalf – our creative, content, coding and communications leaders – all before the first line of code is written. It’s how we learn what moves the needle, what assets we have to work with, and what the definition of success is for your company.

A process with you in mind

A solid footing

Strategy First™ is a digital planning process we have been honing for over a decade. We complete the process before any production takes place. We let your goals drive your website; and our trademarked method ensures nothing is left out.  We start by exploring the landscape in which you operate as well as your different audience groups.

Defining scope and creating consensus

Then we work with you to establish the goals of each of your audience groups – as well your own goals – for the website. We get the buy-in of all stakeholders, digest and analyze your data, and spend time with you and your team to ensure we’re all on the same page. With a clear understanding of your goals, we are able to correctly measure the results of your project. We chart and graph, whiteboard and sketch, do a creative exploration, draw wireframes, and discuss website components. We listen. We ask questions.

A plan forward

When you add all these things together with workshops for defining key project components, an innovative design approach, and easy-to-understand documentation and training, you get Strategy First™ – a linear approach to website planning where each phase informs the next. It culminates in a comprehensive project plan that acts as our shared roadmap to success.

Our clients partner with us because of our proven process, craftsmanship, expertise, and the intangible lessons learned through nearly two decades of successful projects.

Tailored Solutions

As an extension of your team, Ignition72 combines industry knowledge with a strategic approach to create customized solutions that drive results. We can help you achieve the best possible outcome for your clients whether they need help generating traffic, finding their audience, tracking and measuring conversions, facilitating an A/B test of your landing pages, and more.

Consulting and digital strategy

We analyze your current business processes and provide customized recommendations for optimization and growth culminating in a comprehensive plan that leverages the latest digital tools, content strategies and platforms.

SEO/traffic generation and strategy

Our team has a proven track record of success in developing customized SEO and traffic generation plans for our clients. Our services will help your team increase their online visibility through targeted keyword research, on-page optimization and other personalized means.

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Branding and identity design

Our team of talented designers will help you establish a strong visual presence through the creation of a professional logo, color palette, typography, and imagery that resonates with your audiences through digital and analog channels.

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Accessibility testing and compliance

We use a combination of automated tools and manual testing to identify and fix any barriers to access. Whether you need help with a specific issue or a full-scale audit, we have the expertise to support you every step of the way including ongoing support and monitoring to help you maintain compliance and ensure that your products remain accessible to all users.

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