Chicago Parent Program

About Chicago Parent Program

Led by a team of the nation’s top nurse educators, the CPP program is a social science research based approach that spans multiple cities and communities, including Chicago, New York and Baltimore. CPP’s goals address the needs of parents of young children while being cognizant of diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

  • Service:Development, UX/UI Design
  • Industry:Education

The Chicago Parent Program (CPP) is a group-based parenting skills training program serving families with young children by helping to improve skills and confidence and reducing behavior problems. Ignition72 worked with the program to arm professionals with a video-based training platform to conduct sessions and transfer the knowledge, skills, and materials needed to implement the CPP in their agency and practice. Integral to the development was multilingual functionality and proper accessibility.

Learning + Planning

At the outset, Ignition72 sought to understand the CPP’s objectives, audiences, how content is being consumed and implemented, and the ways training sessions can unfold. We strategized a web-based video platform that ensured each step of a session was intuitive and able to be self-guided. This approach took into account language and other barriers so that professionals could respond accordingly with ease.

Design + Development

Clear and consistent graphic elements were the hallmark of this design in service of clear communication and ease of use for professionals. At hand are quick toggle mechanisms and supplemental resources within an under stable organization and flow fit for live and dynamic sessions.

With a modular content structure, the system that delivers the videos needed to be simple both for the end user and for the CPP team to manage. Implemented on the web instead of content modules delivered exclusively via a complicated thumb drive, the entire system benefits from enhanced video compression for quick loading.


The team worked to make content display seamlessly and intuitively through the new system. Integrated language upgrades provide Spanish speakers with their own version of the content, which can be selected dynamically. Being rolled out at the end of 2021, the goal is to increase the effective delivery of the CPP program content in order to improve the lives of parents and children alike.

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