Website Maintenance

When You Don’t Need a New Website Yet

Your existing site almost certainly is relevant, but perhaps it has gotten bloated or slow, or needs a refresh to the navigation or design theme; but overall the bones are solid. That is where we come in: We act as an extension of your team, providing one-time or monthly updates and refinements to your site, identified and prioritized through close collaboration with you.

Getting Your Site In Shape

Site Assessment

We start by documenting your existing site: Mapping the information architecture, documenting all plugins, establishing an Analytics baseline (which includes mapping your tracked KPI’s) and regrouping with your team to understand your pain points. This allows us to establish a shared understanding of the current site state.

Getting the Work Done

Once the assessment is complete, we enter into sprints (weekly or monthly) that reflect your priorities, addressing issues impacting revenue, traffic flow, advertising, or site speed. No matter what your site needs, our team will take ownership and follow-through as if we were on your staff. Our teams will meet regularly to establish the plan and provide updates on our progress.

Types of Maintenance

We provide robust services designed to expertly maintain and enhance your website’s performance

  • Site Speed: Making sure your site is fast for your users can have a hugely positive impact on conversion and engagement. Optimizing assets, leveraging a Content Delivery Network, and clearing up any unused code.
  • Navigation optimization: Many sites have expanded over time beyond the bounds of their original navigation concept. We can help you reimagine your site navigation so that it helps your users while also accomplishing your site goals.
  • Functionality upgrades: Whether it is custom developed code, or the implementation of a new plugin, we can add new capabilities to your existing site.
  • Hosting optimization: Ignition72 works with many hosting partners (and we are Pantheon Certified) . We can identify any shortfalls in your hosting setup, whether it is in the code, the CMS or the hosting package/services.
  • Site updates: Whether it is updates to the core of your CMS, your plugins, or to some custom functionality, our full stack team can ensure that your site keeps running smoothly well into the future.

We act as an extension of your team, providing one-time or monthly updates and refinements to your site, identified and prioritized through close collaboration with you.

Open & Transparent

How We Work With You

In every case we establish a development server (or use yours) to ensure that our work does not impact the live site. Then when a task is reviewed and approved by you, we push the code to the live site at a time that is convenient for you and your site visitors. Then we validate that everything is optimal.

Each project has a dedicated project manager to act as your point of contact, and the full support of our team.

We typically use Slack for communications, Jira for ticket tracking and logging, and Git as our code repository, but we are also more than happy to work with the tools you prefer to use.

Maintenance Packages

Ignition72 offers different maintenance packages so you can get the support you need.  We can also craft a custom support package that suits your needs.

All of our maintenance packages include a dedicated project manager. Hours are used monthly and do not roll forward. We work on many LAMP-based websites: WordPress, Drupal, Big Tree, Umbraco, Squarespace, Shopify, Wix, Webflow and other custom LAMP developed sites.

Optimization: 10-12 hours per month for regular maintenance. This includes any of the following services:

  • Review and optimize hosting
  • Accessibility compliance (both structural and content)
  • Search Engine Optimization (adding titles and tags)
  • Link checking/site review
  • Plugin and CMS updates
  • Content Loading
  • Site training (user manual and live virtual training sessions)
  • Site monitoring
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Enhancement: 20 hours per month, which includes 10 hours of support from the Optimization level services and 10 hours of enhanced services:

  • Monthly site health report and call to review
  • Analytics setup/training
  • Definition of site strategic goals and work plan to reach them (updated quarterly)
  • Addition of new site capabilities – plugin based or custom code
  • Analytics reporting and KPI optimization
  • Google Ads consulting and support
  • Staff training on external systems: Jira, Slack, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 4, Hotjar, and more
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Custom: Want a custom plan that reflects you and your sites’ specific needs? Get in touch, we are happy to prepare a custom quote based on your needs.

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Sites We Maintain

  • WordPress, Drupal, BigTree, and Umbraco Systems
  • Squarespace, Shopify, Wix, Webflow
  • Custom LAMP developed sites

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