Why Does My New Website Need Maintenance Already?

User Experience, Website - April 2, 2024

Many of our clients do not understand what we mean when we talk about “website maintenance.”  Maybe we should call it “website support” or “website upkeep.”  Some think they are done with the website once it launches; but in fact, life begins when the site is launched – a brand new site is not a mature entity. It grows and changes all the time – or at least it should.

Regular maintenance is critical; keeping content fresh ensures that visitors have a reason to return. By ensuring that security patches and updates are applied promptly, you can protect sensitive data and prevent security breaches that could lead to reputational and financial damage. Upkeep also includes checking for broken links and errors that can negatively impact the user experience—and affect a website’s search engine ranking. Search engines favor websites that are well-maintained, as they are considered more reliable and relevant to users.

Slow load times and poor performance can frustrate users and drive them away. Regular performance checks, optimization, and keeping the site infrastructure updated (plugins, modules, content management systems and server software) can significantly improve a website’s loading times and overall performance.

“Like a car needs regular oil changes and new tires, your website needs updates and system checks.”

Website maintenance also prevents issues caused by auto-updates. Many hosting companies offer this; they push CMS updates (such as WordPress and Drupal updates) to your live site automatically. Auto-updates have the potential for compatibility issues if they are not manually tested beforehand. Auto-updates can lead to broken features, display issues, or even a completely inaccessible website if not tested.

Other things that should be part of maintenance include a manual review of your Search Engine Optimization, your user experience factor – which can be checked by viewing your website analytics – and your site accessibility. Does it still pass the accessibility test? Or do you have issues that should be corrected?

Maintaining your website with a monthly or annual contract from a reputable agency is worth every penny, but only if you want your website to work properly, attract visitors, and give users an exceptional experience.