Pantheon Hosting

Different things excite the team here at Ignition72 (like cake, for example) and hosting with Pantheon is right up there. This is in large part because we take responsibility for our clients’ sites, so having them hosted on less-than-ideal servers generally results in more work and unpredictability for us, as well as for our clients.

That is why when we are working with WordPress or Drupal, we recommend Pantheon: Their next generation workflow-based solution is the best of the best, especially when your content is mission critical and your stakeholders are unwilling to settle for anything less.

Why Pantheon?

Specific things we love about Pantheon include:

  • The entire system is based on Git, the open-source version control system we use for all of our code.
  • Pantheon provides an integrated pipeline with Development, Testing and Live environments; and moving databases and files between them is seamless.
  • For video intensive sites and serving large files, Pantheon offers an integrated CDN for speed.
  • Development in this space is much easier with the ability to spin up identical clones of a site to test new features and capabilities before you merge with the main servers.
  • Automated daily backups are accessible directly through the web interface.
  • Hosting security provides access without needing to use a VPN.
  • All environments are kept up to date through Autopilot; ensuring our clients have the latest security patches and updates.
  • And finally, the Pantheon team, with their knowledge and expertise, are always on hand to assist.

Do we use other hosting services? Yes, we do. That is because not every solution is ideal for every client. But for Drupal and WordPress hosting, disaster recovery, CDN delivery and overarching services, we recommend Pantheon every chance we get.

Premier Pantheon Partner

Ignition72 is a premier Pantheon partner, which means that we can make Pantheon even better, with access to:

  • Preferred pricing: Ignition72 gets exclusive discounts, making this incredible solution even more affordable.

  • Premium customer support: As a Premier Partner, Ignition72 and our clients get access to elevated customer support and tools within the system.

  • New innovations and solutions: As part of the Premier team Ignition72 gets early access to new features or capabilities; a boon for our clients!

Lets Get Started

Reach out and find out how Ignition72 can help you get started with Pantheon, or work with your existing instance!

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