Fostering interreligious bonds and connecting communities

Founded in 1987 by, a group of clergy, lay congregants and Baltimore business leaders, Islamic Christian and Jewish Studies has worked to deepen the conversations around interreligious issues and justice themes through fellowships, scholarship, coursework and events. In so doing, ICJS envisions an interreligious society in which dialogue replaces division, friendship overcomes fear, and education eradicates ignorance. I72 developed ICJS’ new web presence and supporting materials to communicate this important institution’s values and articulate its initiatives in promoting civic bonds.

  • Client:Islamic Christian and Jewish Studies
  • Service:Development, Digital Strategy, Project Management, UX/UI Design
  • Industry:Non-Profit, Religion
  • Visit:icjs.org

The ICJS is the most comprehensive, pioneering combination in the U.S., and possibly the world, of advanced thought, clergy involvement, and lay participation.

Rabbi Irving Greenberg

Founder and President of the National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership

Learning + Planning

Ignition72 collaborated closely with ICJS leadership to learn about its various audience groups (public, fellowship candidates, and others) in order to craft an organizational and visual strategy. The goal was to create an engaging portrait of ICJS and help it stand as both accessible to the wider community while reinforcing its credibility and academic strength. Among the unique functional requirements were accommodating information for ICJS’ various programs and an extended media library.

Style Exploration

I72 explored styles for ICJS that are modern, friendly and accessible and part of a comprehensive set of graphics. The color scheme was informed by the ICJS logo to have a familiar touchpoint and communicate diversity and inclusion. This styling carried into the promotional materials for ICJS events and courses that were included in the project.

Design + Development

The flexibility of the elements ensures that the platform can successfully grow to accommodate any type of content, messaging, data, or topics ICJS needs. This is especially noteworthy in the custom filter-rich database built by our development team. Accessibility checks throughout in order to ensure that anyone with a disability will still be able to use the site as intended. Ignition is proud to have been a part of such a worthy project and to provide its continuing support to ICJS.


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