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The Why

Because reading through dozens of pages of complex and detailed information can be a bore, particularly on a phone! Watching a 3-minute animated video not only saves time, it better reinforces the content due to multi-sensory engagement.

Audio, visuals and text all play a role in video animation, whether it’s 2D or 3D. Heck, we’ll even splash water on you if you’re looking for a 4D experience. That’s how much we love a good animation project that generates results for our clients.

How We Do It

Like everything else we do, it starts with planning. We explore and discuss visuals, create storyboards and write the script. We also choose the talent, music and interactive elements that help tell the story. We create the final piece using Cinema 4D, Maya 3D animation and After Effects. A project manager is assigned from the very beginning to set the timeline, oversee the project and ensure your satisfaction and on-time delivery.

Remember good-ole Saturday mornings watching cartoons? Well, grab a bowl of Cap’n Crunch, pull up a chair and watch recent projects on our YouTube page.

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