Who We Are

We are Ignition72

Strategy First™

You know more about your business than anyone - and we are the team who can translate your goals, objectives, and budget into digital tools that will help you achieve results. There is no single answer to the question "what is the best technology?" because the best technology for you depends on who you are and what you are trying to achieve. By first understanding your business, then working with you to select the technology, the design and development specifics, we give you the best possible outcome through a measured and collaborative process.

We accomplish this with our team of expert strategists, designers and developers; a team that can not only help define the scope and best deployment strategy, but actually execute it on your behalf.

The way we think

The arrival of a new technology as far reaching as the internet has eliminated entire industries and forced others to completely rethink their business model. Our approach boils down to "How can digital technology and the internet enable THIS client to achieve his or her objectives?” Every project is different, every solution custom designed for that specific client.

Our goal is to help our clients evolve their online marketing efforts to resemble the activities of an employee: Goals are set, results are tracked, and changes are informed by analyzing results. Nothing is as simple as posted and done on the internet. In every case we can track behavior and results that can inform future refinement with the ultimate goal of delivering tangible and measured results.

Meet our team

Stephen Muirhead
Managing Partner - Finance
Stefan Muirhead
Managing Partner - Strategy
Joseph Wilson
Managing Partner - Technology
Kris Appel
Managing Partner - Operations
Ashley Andersen
Senior Developer
Jay Neighbours
Creative Director
Lauren Quesada
Account Manager
Nick Cornelison
3D Animator
Michael Getzlaff
Managing Partner - Content Strategy
Britney Lukowski
Sam Wright
Project Manager
Eden Anbinder
Junior Developer
Geoff Hoesch
Managing Partner - SEO
Gary Hunt
SEO Specialist
Roger Levy
Stephen Rogers
Brand Strategy

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